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  • N.P.Topchiev, A.M.Galper, I.V.Arkhangelskaja, A.I.Arkhangelskiy, A.V.Bakaldin, I.V.Chernysheva, O.D.Dalkarov, A.E.Egorov, Yu.V.Gusakov, M.D.Kheymits, A.A.Leonov, P.Yu.Naumov, N.Yu.Pappe, M.F.Runtso, Yu.I.Stozhkov, S.I.Suchkov, Yu.T.Yurkin, and V.G.Zverev
    High-energy gamma- and cosmic-ray observations with future space-based GAMMA-400 gamma-ray telescope
    EPJ Web of Conferences 208, 14004 (2019)
    ISVHECRI 2018
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  • A.A.Leonov, A.M.Galper, N.P.Topchiev, A.V.Bakaldin, O.D.Dalkarov, E.A.Dzhivelikyan, A.E.Egorov, M.D.Kheymits, V.V.Mikhailov, P.Picozza, R.Sparvoli, S.I.Suchkov, Yu.T.Yurkin, V.G.Zverev
    Multiple Coulomb scattering method to reconstruct low-energy gammaray direction in the GAMMA-400 space-based gammaray telescope
    Advances in Space Research, 2019, v. 63, pp. 3420-3427
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  • N P Topchiev, A M Galper, I V Arkhangelskaja, A I Arkhangelskiy, A V Bakaldin, I V Chernysheva, O D Dalkarov, A E Egorov, Yu V Gusakov, M D Kheymits, A A Leonov, P Yu Naumov, N Yu Pappe, M F Runtso, Yu I Stozhkov, S I Suchkov, Yu T Yurkin and V G Zverev
    Space-based GAMMA-400 mission for direct gamma- and cosmic-ray observations
    IOP Conf. Series: Journal of Physics: Conf. Series 1181 (2019) 012041
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  • A V Bakaldin, A M Galper, A A Leonov, S I Suchkov and N P Topchiev
    GAMMA-400 experiment: perspectives of observation of the discrete astrophysical gamma-ray sources in the Milky Way disk
    IOP Conf. Series: Journal of Physics: Conf. Series 1181 (2019) 012073
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  • I V Arkhangelskaja, A I Arkhangelskiy, E N Chasovikov, S I Suchkov, M F Runtso, Y T Yurkin, A M Galper, N P Topchiev, A A Leonov, A E Egorov
    Additional aperture detectors of gamma-telescope GAMMA-400 calibrations on synchrotron PAKHRA: possibility of temporal profiles fractal analysis
    IOP Conf. Series: Journal of Physics: Conf. Series 1181 (2019) 012083
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  • A.M. Galper, N.P. Topchiev, and Yu.T. Yurkin
    GAMMA-400 Project
    Astronomy Reports, 2018, Vol. 62, No. 12, pp. 882889
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  • N.P. Topchiev, S.I. Suchkov, A.M. Galper, A.A. Leonov, Yu.T. Yurkin, V. Bonvicini, O. Adriani
    The GAMMA-400 space mission for measuring high-energy gamma rays and cosmic rays
    14th Marcel Grossman Meeting On Recent Developments in Theoretical and Experimental General Relativity, Astrophysics and Relativistic Field Theories, Proceedings 2018, pp. 3307-3314
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  • A.E. Egorov, A.M.Galper, N.P.Topchiev, A.A.Leonov,S.I. Suchkov, M.D. Kheymits, and Yu.T. Yurkin
    Detactability of Dark Matter Subhalos by Meansof the GAMMA-400 Telescope
    Physics of Atomic Nuclei, 2018, Vol. 81, No. 3, pp. 373378.
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